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Premix section


Premix business division is mainly responsible for the marketing of the R & D premix and the core of the feed industry chain of premix ingredients supporting work. Rely on premix five years, relying on COFCO strong industrial...



Department of Animal Health


Animal Health Division was established in 2009, located in Beijing's Zhongguancun National Hi-Tech Development Zone, COFCO is the only professional engaged in "grain Ruike" brand quality dynamic protection products...




Department of Animal Nutrition


Department of Animal Nutrition in the vast number of suppliers and customers with the strong support of the development after more than six years, has been ...

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          COFCO (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is the feed grain feed's specializes in "Rayco" brand multi-vitamin, premix and other additives, production and sales, as well as feed additives business of high-tech companies. As a multi-vitamin premix and specialty manufacturers, the company produced the "Rayco" Catalogs Professional and meticulous, livestock and aquaculture covers five categories more than 200 varieties.
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